eurAIka is an AI-powered research platform designed to accelerate every phase of the scientific discovery process. Augment your abilities with tools for outlining concepts, literature review, writing, programming, and remote collaboration. Scientists are often highly skilled in their own discipline but lack formal training in software, writing, and some collaborative aspects of research. eurAIka provides AI solutions to help at every phase.

eurAIka understands you may need to leverage domain-specific tools or languages for different problems. It acts as an intelligent interface, rapidly identifying and integrating the required frameworks. Whether computational fluid dynamics with SU2, symbolic capabilities through Mathematica, or your preferred language like Julia, eurAIka knows how to abstract away the syntax details. It maintains a knowledge base of commands and capabilities to help you use the optimal tool for each task. With eurAIka, you can focus on the problem space rather than learning new software skills each time.

Key Modules

The Whiteboard - Visually map concepts, collaborate with remote teams in real-time, and manage project flow.

The Librarian - Discover relevant papers, generate summaries, suggest experiments, and co-author publications.

The Coder - Translate concepts to code and visualizations for data analysis and modeling.


The eurAIka interface


  • Accelerate literature review with automatic summaries
  • Reduce programming time through natural language coding
  • Focus on advancing science instead of logistics
  • Increase exposure by publishing in top journals
  • Access cutting edge AI to enhance documentation, coding, and discovery
  • Switch any focus pane to full screen to reduce distractions
  • Connect to electronic whiteboards with handwriting recognition
  • With speech capabilities and voice recognition eurAIka becomes a true partner

eurAIka is multimodal so it can understand graphs and discuss them with you, and it can produce interactive charts and plots that help convey your story.

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